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Explore the essential steps to launch your clothing line. Prepare your concepts, then send us your details and files.
We are ready to bring your vision to life as your dedicated clothing manufacturer.
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Clothing Production Process

The blue overall-clad man working in a clothing manufacturing factory.

Get in Touch with Us

After submitting your request, we will arrange a meeting with you to fully understand your needs.

A fashion designer who draws clothing designs on a tablet computer.

Price Quotation Presentation

Once we've finalized the design, material, and all the necessary details for your clothing, we'll offer you an estimated price quotation and a sample product.

Approval Process

Following the approval of your sample, we will send you a detailed bulk order form for your confirmation. This form will cover a range of elements, including design particulars, material composition, color preferences, sample feedback, fit considerations, size breakdowns, and finishing touches for the product.

Colorful fabric samples.

Material Procurement

After completing the entire approval process, we will initiate preparations for the production of your order. We will conduct research to find materials such as fabric and accessories that match your clothing design. Your approval will be sought during the material selection process.

A woman sewing clothes in a textile workshop.

Sewing and Production

We will start the production of the approved samples.

A woman and a man conducting quality control on the packages.

Quality Control

Our professional quality control team will conduct final inspections of the finished products. Once we are certain that there are no issues with the products, we will send the garments to the relevant department for ironing and packaging.

An employee ironing clothes in a textile factory

Ironing and Packaging

Products that have completed the final inspections will be ironed and packaged, ready for shipment.

Cargo transfer warehouse


During the shipping process, we will deliver your products to your doorstep through our contracted shipping agent. If you have a preferred shipping company, we can also arrange the shipment with that company.

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